Violet and Ash Candle Co.

What does it mean to be a successful woman in my community? What does she look like? What does she do? My whole life I have been looking up to women in my community because of their dedication, resilience and strength. I’ve decided to highlight some of these amazing entrepreneurial women in my Feature Friday Segment on my blog.

I had an amazing time getting to know Jailena who is the owner and operator of Violet and Ash Candle Co. Jailena, the fantastic candle maker, was so sweet and has a great personality. She started her lovely candle company just over a year ago during her maternity leave. Jailena classifies herself as a full-time mom by day and entrepreneur by night, and of course during nap time! Her beautiful little game is named Elsie is now almost two years old. She let me know her outlook on life really changed when she had her daughter. She felt that all her studies, post grad and work in the legal field took her on a path of where she is meant to be today. Jailena told me she fell in love with being a mom. She said staying home and caring for her daughter, whenever she needed, was her calling. She knew she wouldn’t be able to return to the workforce immediately. So from there her passion project was born. She used her spare time to build her brand which is named after her daughter. Jailena loves her business because it gives her the flexibility to be home with her daughter and achieve success in her business, meet new goals and build something from the ground up. She told me she’s not sure if she’ll ever return to the workforce but right now, this is the path she’s meant to be on. Sounds amazing right?

Jailena is a lover of neutrals and tells me you won’t find any colour in her décor unless it’s green from her house plant obsession. I couldn’t agree more, don’t we always need another plant? She loves whites and beiges, greys and blacks and wood accents. Her business is reflective of a bright and simplistic style which I personally love. She created her candles as pieces to add to your home without you having to worry if it’ll match your décor. She talked about how she was discouraged in the past when candle labels or the artificial colour clashed with her décor. She wanted to create candles which would fit in anyone’s style or home. I think this is so true of her brand. You can purchase her candles without worrying about the “look”. You can move the candles from room to room and have no fears! Add a candle to your table or up on a shelf. Everything works!

Jailena’s favourite part about her business is all the connections she’s made. She’s formed relationships with sometimes complete strangers, be it small shop owners or a customer. She credits her creativity to her mom! Jailena tells me her mom is the most crafty and creative person she knows. She loves using her creative side to name and create new scents for her candles. She also uses her creative side to create her gorgeous content photos for her website and on her Instagram. I love that her mom inspires her!

Speaking on her creativity I just had to know what Jailena’s favourite scent was. She tells me her personal favourite to date is Sweet Lemon from her Original Collection. It’s the perfect scent year round! I was so happy to learn that Jailena is always impressed with her collection creations. She truly is so proud of her work and what she can accomplish but is also very humble as well which I absolutely love about her. It’s no wonder she’s so successful with such a great attitude.

You know I had to ask about Jailena’s materials and supplies. This blog prides itself on exploring vegan and environmentally sustainable goods and Jailena did not disappoint us. She uses a 100% all-natural soy wax for her candles as well as non-toxic, phthalate free high graded fragrance oils. This is incredibly important, so we are not burning toxic fumes while trying to enjoy our candles. Jailena also has reusable packaging for shipping and runs a jar recycle program for her local customers to keep as many jars out of the landfill as possible. I love every effort a small business makes in order to keep their cardon footprint down. Jailena’s products are amazing, safe and recyclable!

Jailena admitted to be being a bit indecisive when it comes to some of her business decisions. She couldn’t resonate with me more! I feel like every decision is the decision. She tells me sometimes she over thinks what happens behind the scenes and truly wants to ensure what she is creating is the correct representation of her brand and overall busines vision. I feel like so many other business owners feel this way too. Well, Jailena, I’m here to say your business is amazing and you are making great decisions! She tells me sometimes her collections take a little longer, but she knows that the process brought her to the end result which was necessary for its overall success. I love this. Jailena, you are such a great example to other business owners and women in our community. It’s hard sometimes to find the right way of expressing ourselves, but truly, Violent and Ash is a fantastic business with amazing products and an even better maker behind the scenes.

I spoke with Jailena about how Covid-19 has impacted her business and she told me there truly was a lot of uncertainty. She was worried about her sales, her shows and markets getting canceled and if she would be able to get her supplies let alone afford them. She told she was so thankful for her community who showed up and supported her. She offered local deliveries to customers when her local shops started closing up. She started offering a flat rate shipping and pick up at her home as well. She believes in offering easy, contactless ways for her customers to shop with her is the best direction for her business. She told me “In a time where we needed our customers the most, they didn’t disappoint.” That’s so true. I know myself I have been seeking out local shops and makers when I can, but it has been so amazing to see all the love and support for these incredible entrepreneurial women!

Finally, Jailena grew up in Guelph and while she’s just down the road in Cambridge, she believes the Guelph community has been an integral part of her success. She launched her first few retail spaces in Guelph and did her first major collaboration with another local Guelph business. So many of her customers call Guelph home. She loves how incredibly supportive the Guelph community is! “I think I am speaking for all Guelph business owners when I say this, we love this community!” You couldn’t be more right Jailena.

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