Bungalow Blue Collection

What does it mean to be a successful woman in my community? What does she look like? What does she do? My whole life I have been looking up to women in my community because of their dedication, resilience and strength. I’ve decided to highlight some of these amazing entrepreneurial women in my Feature Friday Segment on my blog.

I had the lovely opportunity to connect with Erika of Bungalow Blue Collection who creates amazing hair accessories! If you’ve seen me recently you know I have been rocking her gorgeous scrunchies. Erika’s love for creating and fabrics turned into a business where she could design and make some amazing scrunchies and headbands. Erika’s premium hair accessories are the perfect go to for any occasion. They look great with virtually any style and also work as a wrist or purse tie for that splash of colour.

So who is she? Erika McMillan is the owner and creative designer of Bungalow Blue Collection. You could best describe her as a free spirit who needs as many creative outlets as possible! My kind of gal for sure. Erika, her husband and two boys live here in Guelph in a cute blue bungalow. She originally created her collection as a creative outlet and it has grown into a passion and successful business venture. She loves to create, if you’ve seen her on Instagram you know she is always so stylish in her outfits, and her home. Can someone say goals. She believes the entrepreneurial road came naturally to her because it bloomed from her creative energy.


Erika has always been creative, she actually grew up as a competitive dancer. She actually owned her own studio for seven years! Her family is musical and artistic so we know she’s in tune with that.

As a scrunchie lover myself I was curious to know how long it takes Erika to envision a new design or collection. She noted it starts with one type of fabric that inspires the whole collection. This allows for seamless creations that just work. She also loves to take note of the seasons and how that can inspire new ideas or feelings. Her favourite part of her business is searching out those amazing fabrics and creating each collection!


Did you know she recently launched her gorgeous website! If you haven’t checked it out go over there and take a look. I love how she’s curated a vacation vibe on her site. Erika chose to shift from her dominantly Instagram based business to a website because she wanted the professionalism of a website. Placing orders online has gotten so much easier for her. She still credits Instagram for building her business (and it still does! Go follow her) but with a website everything is easier for the customer and her process.

It’s no secret that I love fashion. So I just had to ask Erika about her personal style. She’d best describe it as classic-boho-vibrant. That’s so her. She’s a girly girl who shows her spirit in her wardrobe. She’s also obsessed with tie dye! She didn’t want to admit how much of her closet if filled with tie dye… But it’s safe to say it’s a lot. She also loves getting dressed up and cherishes those moments and special events. Her business style is extremely calm and professional. She’s a very relaxed person and says that she finds her self in this mindset that nothing is too big of a deal. I love that! She is super personable and believes that’s a very important quality to have. She credits this attitude to part of the success of her business.


Erika loves what she does, but I had to know what her favourite collection is so far. She thinks it’s The Coast Collection. Check out her stunning Malibu scrunchie and headband, now that’s a hair accessory. The stunning colours are perfect for any occasion. She loves the neutrals and they remind her of the coast, a place that is very important to her. Her all time favourite scrunchie is Hubba Hubba Bubba. She says it’s her spirit animal!

I asked Erika what it meant to be a local female entrepreneur and I loved her answer. She noted how wonderful it is to be surrounded by so many other amazing female business owners and she loves the support they give each other. She believes strongly in community over competition. She told me it’s an honour to even be on the same level as these women.

I asked her if covid-19 has impacted her business. Luckily she hasn’t seen the same challenges as other small businesses have but she noted her daily tasks are tricky with her kids at home. Her husband is also working from home too. Erika expressed her gratitude for her customers – her business is actually growing during this terrible time.


Shop Erika’s amazing hair accessories on her website or with the following amazing local businesses! Don’t forget to check out her Instagram!

Consign Your Curves – Guelph

La Bichette – Hamilton

The Sharing Squirrel – Cambridge

Play-a-Latte – Kitchener

Blue Barn Creative – Uxbridge

Bare Essentials – Guelph

Maj Hair Salon – Guelph

Daisy Cosmetics – Guelph

Interlaced Beauty – Kitchener


All images belong to Erika at Bungalow Blue Collection.

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