Three Days in Denmark

In June 2019 I traveled overseas for the very first time. I was so excited, nervous and overwhelmed with it all. (I think this will require it’s own blog to truly encapsulate the emotions, but I digress).  I first traveled into Copenhagen Denmark where I met up with my good friend Gabby who had just completed her semester abroad at the University of Copenhagen. After a long flight I arrived early Monday morning to Gabby’s friendly face! We traveled first back to her apartment and enjoyed some Danish pastries. After a quick nap we trekked down and began to explore every street around the neighbourhood.

Here I am having just arrived in Copenhagen getting ready to take the street car! Gabby brought me this cute little Denmark flag which I brought all the way home with me.

Gabby was very excited to take me to Superkilen which is a park celebrating multiculturalism. We walked around and took in every aspect of the little park. We sat on a swing and caught up about what had been going on in each others lives. Gabby and I were excited to be together – we hadn’t seen each other since January. We were eager to climb up this steep hill and got some gorgeous views of the buildings and homes surrounding the park. In Denmark most of the houses are very quaint and exactly how I imagined them to be.

I never went anywhere without my fanny pack. It saw every inch of Europe that I did.

Gabby took me through a residential area and popped in and out of shops. This was on of my favourite aspects to my Eurpoean adventure as I was able to experience the local culture, notice what was fashionable and see how other people lived. 

We stopped for something to eat at this place called GROD in Kobemhavn N. Danish people seem to really enjoy this spot and eat a lot of yogurt and oatmeal dishes. I had an amazing yogurt with granola and fruit. It was amazing. It was sweet but also sour from a raspberry sauce inside. This was first European meal and it was for sure a highlight on the trip.


Following this amazing porridge, we did a very Danish thing and headed into a park which was also a cemetery? Gabby tells me cemeteries are more park like spaces and meant to be enjoyed – cool. We went and checked out the beautiful gardens and took a look at the famous plots.

Later in the evening Gabby and I went into a local grocery store and grabbed some things for a delicious picnic! We sat by the lakes on one of the bridges and enjoyed the people, the view and each others company! What a great first day in Europe.

The next day we woke up early and headed back to this same area for a delicious brunch.


That afternoon we went on a beautiful boat cruise. We were able to see all the architecture and enjoy a lovely day on the water. I highly recommenced this, it wasn’t very expensive either and is a perfect way to travel around if you’re only in Copenhagen for a short visit like I was! Gabby and I both love architecture so this was a perfect opportunity to check out the gorgeous buildings.

We also stopped at Hans Christen Andersen’s house and saw the library and city hall.


Next we ventured over to the red light district where photography is not permitted. The area is called Istedgade in Vesterbro. We walked through the small neighbourhood and took in all the sites. This is truly something indescribable but you must check it out for yourself.

Christiania is also another great neighbourhood to stop in at. Full of bright colours and unique spaces. It is considered a hippie area and the people who live there have their own school and daycare facilities. Walking through Copenhagen I don’t think I ever saw so many pregnant people or people with young children. Denmark is a great country for young families.

Because we were in the neighbourhood we stopped at Noma a fine dining eatery. Anthony Bourdain did a special on the restaurant that you have to check out. No we did not eat at this Michelin Star restaurant, though I wish we had. You need a reservation at least 6 months in advance and a black platinum credit card. Still, it was cool to check it out in the afternoon before it opened.


Beyond this we headed to Reffen, an amazing outdoor eatery location with tons of unique cuisine. Here we enjoyed massive margaritas, African inspired curry and Mexican tortillas. The food was amazing. Definitely a must see.

On our final day we went shopping and looked at the Royal Palace. We checked out some beautiful Danish fashion and I picked up some hand made gifts for my family. We picked up some goodies at a chocolate shop and got packed up to head on over to the train station where we would take a night bus to Berlin!



Check out Gabby’s Copenhagen recommendations too! 


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