4 Ways to Transform Your Shower Routine

So first and foremost, I love a hot piping steaming shower. If the water isn’t giving me third degree burns, what’s the point, right? Just kidding. I find showers are a fantastic way to wind down and get ready for bed. It’s part of my night times routine, even if I just take a quick two-minute rinse. I cannot skip a shower. A good shower is a great way to indulge in some self-care, especially if you don’t love baths. I’ve been thinking, what’s a great way to change up your shower routine? So, I’ve got a few here down below. Some of these tips I’ve created (lol) myself, and some are just great advice from my pals. Let me know what you think!

  1. Essential Oils! Shout out to my gal pal Lauren for giving me this amazing tip. If you want to add an invigorating aroma to your shower, why not try a few drops of essential oils!? My tried and true oils are lavender and eucalyptus which create a spa like atmosphere. There’s so many different oils to try which work wonderfully. Simply add a few drops to your shower and let the steam from the hot water invite you into relaxation!
  2. Body Products! I absolutely love a good body wash. I love the LUSH brand products. I got the Sleepy scent for Christmas and it was amazing, especially since I always shower before bed. My current favourite is Honey I Washed the Kids because it has honey in it. Honey is great for antibacterial and for moisturizing. Consider applying your body wash with a face cloth. This cuts out the trash of a loofah and helps exfoliate your skin. I also love adding baby oil to my shower routine. Virtually any season I end up with dry skin, so I about once or twice a week I add baby oil to my legs or anywhere that needs it! Baby oil is great after you shave. I apply baby oil after I turn the water off and just dry it off with a towel. Super affordable and easy to apply. I also love the Philosophy body wash! The scents are amazing and actually linger on the skin for a while.
  3. Hair Love! In case you didn’t know my hair is super long and requires a lot of maintenance to keep it healthy. First and foremost, I wash my hair twice a week max, so I always double shampoo. I try and leave my super generous amount of conditioner in for a while too. I love using Aveda shampoo and conditioner and they have some great hair masks too. I currently have their cherry almond softening duo but will probably purchase their dry remedy products next time. Aveda also is a vegan and sustainable company – so I love to shop with them. They have some great hair masks and a solid purple shampoo. My favourite stylist Hair by Bailey K sold me on so many great products that actually work. Bailey loves Moroccan oil products and like they are honestly the best especially if you don’t feel like spending $100+ on shampoo (sorry Aveda sometimes you are too pricey). Bailey got me using the Moroccan oil intense hydrating mask and it rocks. This mask is perfect for dry hair, you could even use it as a conditioner. She also got me into Revlon 1 as a detangler – it will help you remove any tangle and it smells great. It is a product I cannot live without. She also got me into a wet brush which will literally change your life (you find at Walmart or your local Rexall). Bailey also loves biosilk! She says it’s extremely moisturizing (sounds like heaven to me) Your hair is an investment in yourself, so spend the money on good products and take care of it. By using quality products will love the results. Ultimately, your hair will look better so you will feel better, a win win.
  4. Play Some Music! I love to listen to music in the shower. When I work in the summer I always shower when I get home and I love to play my favourite country music artist or some pump up music. I find music helps me get energized. Maybe not the best idea later in the evening but I’m sure Siri can find a playlist for you!

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