Danielle Kilgore Photography

What does it mean to be a successful woman in my community? What does she look like? What does she do? My whole life I have been looking up to women in my community because of their dedication, resilience and strength. I’ve decided to highlight some of these amazing entrepreneurial women in my Feature Friday Segment on my blog. 

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the owner and creator behind the lens of Danielle Kilgore Photography. Danielle was a delight and I had a lovely time chatting with her. She welcomed me to her home (where her studio is) and gave me the inside scoop on her beautiful business. Now if you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Danielle, know that she works mostly in newborn and maternity and does do family portraits as well. Danielle grew up in Guelph (like me!) and lives here with her husband and two children. This summer she will be coming into her eighth year of professional photography.

When I first connected with Danielle I was originally captivated by her beautiful style and amazing eye! She has a great eye for the shot and truly knows her way behind the lens. Danielle uses a Canon 6D and has a million different lens attachments. She uses Lightroom for all her editing. She describes her style as dark and moody, and loves to contrast the light and shadow. This isn’t something she uses solely in her newborn photography but more of a style she loves to play with.

Since most of Danielle’s clients are tiny and adorable babies I asked her what her favourite age range is. She happily told me loves to take photos of babies between about six to ten months in age. These babies are able to sit up on their own, are so cute and chunky and always smile. Who doesn’t love that?!

Her favourite part about being a photographer is that there is always something new, a new family, new babies, a new experience. No baby is ever the same. Danielle likes working with the unexpected. She of course always works with safety at the forefront and has been certified by the Association of Professional Newborn Photographers International. Her gorgeous studio is typically shot with natural light nearly 95% of the time but she does have studio lights in order to ensure the perfect shot. Danielle’s studio is made to feel comfortable and inviting; she smiled and told me many new dads have fallen asleep on her couch.


If you check out Danielle’s website you’ll find even more gorgeous photos. You’ll see her certifications and some amazing award accolades. When I asked Danielle about her awards, she very humbly said awards aren’t really what she does this for. She cares more about what her clients think of her work and awards aren’t why she’s a photographer. Danielle aims to provide beautiful lasting memories for her clients and that’s what matters most to her. She said, awards aren’t the purpose for doing what she loves. I believe this speaks to Danielle’s genuine and humble personality. She’s great at what she does, and she wants you to think so too.

It isn’t hard to see the beauty in this sample of photos. Danielle has a keen eye of photography and loves to create these images. Danielle, like so many amazing entrepreneurial women works inside her home. Her studio is located there and if you come by you will probably hear her dogs or her two young children. This ability to work in her home is perfect for Danielle’s creative side. It gives her the freedom to drop off and pick up her kids from school. But it’s not always easy. Sometimes a rescheduled session can be chaotic with timing. Her weekends are reserved for at home sessions and can be rather busy.


I asked Danielle if she had any advice for new moms coming to her studio. She provides a welcome information package for her clients but, she also wanted to remind the moms to try and relax and enjoy the session. Be prepared for your baby to eat more and look for more snuggles than usual. Her studio is a warmer environment and sometimes babies aren’t sure where they are. Sit back and let Danielle do her thing, you and your baby are in great hands!

I was also wondering if she had any advice for aspiring photographers. She noted that like anything practice makes prefect. She said to take your time and go with the flow. Do what you can and don’t break the bank.

Something I really admire about Danielle is that she’s been doing a 365 day photo challenge for the last four years! She takes, edits and uploads a photo every day! Danielle is a fun and laid back entrepreneurial woman. She is creative and easy to talk to. Your baby will be safe with her and you’ll have gorgeous photos to last a lifetime. Check her out!!

Danielle’s Website




All images are owned by Danielle Kilgore Photography and are published with her consent. 

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