A Letter to My Body

A letter to my body, all the things I wish I told you.

Dear body you are strong. You are powerful. You are magnificent.

For so long i have felt insecure in my body. For so long I have hated clothes, and shopping. For so long I have “justified” my size. To myself. To others.

But that ends now.

I am so proud of my body. I am so happy to have my body. To be tall. To be me. To have my body.

My strong and powerful body. My legs that carry me everywhere. That get me through a long shift at work. Legs that carried me through dance for so many years.

My arms that have carried, bundled and hugged. My arms that have reached and stretched. Pushed and pulled. My arms that have held so many tiny babies. My strong and powerful arms.

My body has never been a size SMALL. My body never will be. I have often felt disdain or hatred for this body because it is not small.

But I know my body is beautiful. My body have given me so much, and I have taken it for granted. But I won’t anymore.

Every body is beautiful and strong and sparkles in its on light. Every body is a good body.

Dear body, I am so thankful for you. For all that you have given me and more.


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  1. Lizzie says:

    This was a powerful read. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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