Goodbye 2019

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you are all ready for Santa to come down the chimney. Have you been naughty? Or nice?

I am so thankful for this holiday season. This year has been full of so many amazing and crazy moments that I am so happy to have a little break and share them with you all! Now, not every moment has been beautiful, some days have been sad. Some days have been challenging. Some days have been so chaotic I just couldn’t wait for it to end. But as I sit here thinking – this year has been absolutely amazing. So here it goes, my favourite moments of 2019.

To start off, January I was offered to return to one of my favourite workplaces. I was offered a job as a student ambassador for Cargill. I am so thankful for all my time at Cargill. I truly love the people I work with and I am so thankful for all the great experiences I have had there.

In March we celebrated my brothers 26th birthday at a great restaurant in Toronto. Momofuku. This is was such a fun and lighthearted day. I’m glad my family makes memories like this – surrounded by food of course!! I always enjoy trying new cuisine. My brother is dubbed the infamous food critic.


This spring I celebrated my 23rd birthday. This was pretty cool because my sister was pregnant!!! And we were all keeping it a big secret.

In June I graduated from my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. I finished on the Dean’s List. This was so amazing. I am so proud of this moment. It was one of those moments I had spent years dreaming about. It was excellent. There’s nothing like it. I am at a loss for words with this one. I always believed in myself, but this was such a proud moment for me to walk across the stage. I am so thankful for the amazing people who were by my side that day and throughout my degree.

Just a few days after I had convocation, I jumped on a plane for the first time by myself!! And I traveled over the pound for the first time too!! I met up with my good friend Gabby and we traveled to Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and finally Austria. I am so so so thankful for this amazing adventure with Gabby and all the amazing sites we were able to see.

Wow, can you believe so much has happened, and I’ve only told you about half the year?!?! In September I started my Masters degree (eeekkk!!) at Wilfrid Laurier University where I gained an academic scholarship. I am truly blown away by the experiences I have had so far for my second degree. I have been challenged and blessed to be a teaching assistant. A role I had dreamt about for years too. I’m completing my MA in English Literature and it’s so amazing to say “I’m in grad school”. I have always loved school, and this has been a goal of mine for some time. I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment so far. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m here and that this is my life. I’m thankful for all the people I have met at this school – it’s been so different than Guelph, but a good different. So far, I have enjoyed collaborating with the professors and the other students in my program.

Not much happened in the fall other than lots of studying and sleepless nights. But, the day my family had been waiting for finally, finally arrived. November 1st my sister and brother in law welcomed a beautiful baby GIRL to our family. I am over the moon in love with her. She is so precious. I am so lucky to be a Zia and so happy to have seen my sister become a great mama.


And finally, we’ve arrived at this holiday season. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to relax now that final papers are submitted. I’m looking forward to connecting with family and being present for every single moment.


I am so excited for the amazing future laid out in front of me for 2020.

See you in the New Year. God Bless.

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