Feature Friday – Lauren Eby & doTERRA

Hi Friends! I am super excited to be launching something really special today on my blog. I have asked one of my close friends Lauren Eby to write a blog for me as part of a connection I’m calling Feature Friday. I absolutely love Lauren and I am so happy we met in first year university. Lauren has been a great friend to me over the years and I am just so thankful to have someone like her in my life. She has inspired me in so many ways – and I am so thankful she has brought me to essential oils. So, I figured why not ask the oil queen herself to share some amazing information with you? Seems perfect to me. Please enjoy my first Feature Friday by Lauren Eby.


Have you seen essential oils everywhere in recent years? At the health food store, at Chapters and even at the hardware store?!

Crazy, right??

It’s clear that several companies are wanting to jump in on the essential oil train, the only problem? They aren’t all of the same quality standard.


Have you heard about doTERRA?


doTERRA stands out from the rest for several reasons:


  1. CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade testing standard. The essential oil industry is not regulated, and doTERRA created their own rigorous testing standard to insure that doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure, with nothing added to the oil and nothing taken away.
  2. Co-Impact Sourcing is doTERRA’s global sourcing initiative. Because doTERRA sources their oils from all around the world in their indigenous habitats, we are confident that we have the purest, more therapeutic grade oil.
  3. Along with the Co-Impact Sourcing model, most of the countries the oils are sourced from are third world countries. doTERRA works directly with the farmers to ensure they receive fair and on time payments.
  4. Through their Healing Hands Foundation, their humanitarian organization, doTERRA works with the communities where our oils are sourced to build schools, health clinics, and install clean water systems. Each time you purchase a bottle of oil, you are supporting farmers from all around the world.
  5. With doTERRA, you are also getting continued support and education from your doTERRA team. You can’t purchase these oils on store shelves simply because the education and support is so important in your essential oil journey.


Essential oils have truly changed my life. I call them the ‘tools’ in my toolkit that I can grab for when I need digestive support, mental health support, sleep support…just to name a few. I also love the education part of it, I am learning new ways to use my oils everyday, and I am so confident now in knowing what I need to support myself with.


I also make a lot of my own products now, which saves me money and allows me to know what each ingredient is in my products. Best part is I get to order my oils, personal care, cleaning and laundry products right to my door, which means less time shopping at the grocery store…win win right!


At the end of the day, I view essential oils as empowering tools to help us take charge of our own health care, reduce toxins in our home and save us money! They have truly changed my life!


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