A Weekend in Niagara Falls

Jay and I recently traveled to Niagara Falls for a quick weekend away! We stayed a beautiful hotel called the Embassy Suites by Hilton. Let’s just say this hotel was pricey, but luckily I recently became a Hilton Rewards member. Nonetheless if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a hotel there are so many options, especially if you aren’t dying for a fallsview. I think next time we will be staying at the Double Tree which has a spectacular Aveda Spa.

Anyway, we stayed at this hotel which had essentially everything we could imagine and was super clean. A clean hotel is a must for me. The  Embassy also has The Keg with a gorgeous fallsview so we had to stop there for an early dinner. This is the only location you can make a reservation so you should totally take advantage of that! The Keg literally never disappoints so we had a great meal there and since it was still early we quickly ran back to our and changed our shoes to get ready for a nice stroll down to the falls.

So we took a nice walk down by the falls and Jay took some photos for my social media accounts of course. And we walked into this little chocolate shop and got some amazing desserts, it’s right beside the Wax Museum of Celebrities.

Some other great ideas if you’re feeling up to it would be to play a round of mini golf, or go into some of the novelty shops. We actually went souvenir shopping despite us both having gone to Niagara several times. LOL.

I think Niagara is just a great place to travel, if you want you could of course go on the Maid of the Mist boat cruise – but the views are much better on the boardwalk in my opinion. I actually love the mist on a windy day – it’s nice and refreshing! Just be mindful if you style your hair.


If you’re feeling lucky you could always go to the Casino. Make sure you bring someone else’s money though! Sorry Jay. Be mindful and always play within your limit. I swear I got lost at least three times in there. Make sure you play a game you actually understand too! But, you can always opt out. It was just something I wanted to do.

Keep an eye out for their tourist tax – always ask them to take it off the bill. And be ready to pay extra for whatever it is that you’re ordering.

Make sure to have lots of laughs! Enjoy the beautiful scenery – Niagara is amazing to go at any time of year but Fall is one of the most colourful times.

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