Fall Fair Survival Guide

Okay everyone, it’s my favourite time of year! FALL.

I absolutely love this time of year, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate and amazing flavoured lattes. I also love the falling leaves and all the beauty nature has to offer. But, lets not forget the best part of the season, fall fairs! I’ve already hit two fairs this year on the weekends. If you have never been, you should definitely head to the best fall fair in Ontario this Thanksgiving weekend head to Rockton for All the World’s Fair. It is a must. Fair’s a great because they offer a chance to connect with people in your community, food and fun for everyone. I love to play the Carney games and try and win stuffed animals, but the Ferris Wheel is always fun to go on too. The first rule? Please don’t liter, respect the space you’re at, it’s likely a community park.

Always try and dress in layers. I know we all what that cute seasonal fall photo – but when the sun goes down the crop top will not be a good time. Make sure to bring a sweater and you should probably just wear your favourite pair of jeans. Let’s get real, it is fall after all.

Make sure you bring cash! ATM lines are always too long and the fees are often too high. You never want to run out of money. $$$ Typically, fairs charge for entrance as well so keep an eye out for that.

You have to get a funnel cake. I honestly don’t care if you think you won’t like it or you couldn’t possibly eat all of it. Trust me, you will love it and you will eat it all. I recently tried a new one with peanut butter, chocolate and reese’s pieces on it. It was amazing as expected. But a simple cinnamon and icing sugar dusting is always perfection if you’re not feeling so adventurous.


It’s always great to grab a hot dog or whatever local cuisine has decided to show up. Some of the food trucks are actually high quality, but let’s be real, you’re not going to the fair for a Michelin Star meal. Take a quick walk around the grounds and see what really catches your eye. I love desserts and snack foods like freshly popped popcorn, candied apples and of course anything deep fried. But it’s always good to try something new! You never know what hidden gem is right around the corner.

Always make sure you bring friends to the fair! This is such a good idea and is a great way to connect with those who have come home from school or those just looking to have a little fun. Fairs make everything easier. Always where comfortable running shoes and depending on the weather boots. You’ll definitely have to stand on some grass and you don’t want to have wet feet. Make sure your shoes won’t come off on those swirly rides either! Everyone has lost something on them one time or another. Last year a friend of mine lost his phone… that was fun.

You should always check the fairs schedule because often they have a cheap or even free night. Take a look and see what events are happening and at what times, I love to go to Rockton’s demolition derby on Friday Night. Well, Jay loves it and I like going to get fries.

Last but not least, always try and have an open mind. You never know how great the day or evening will be so just go into the event feeling positive. You can always check out the crafts or trinkets in the booths or simply just walk around and enjoy everyone having fun. There’s no recipe to it.

Fall Fair’s are just a great way to connect with people in your community and really a great place to have some fun. Hopefully I’ll see you at one this year!

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