My Favourtie Philly Stops

I went on an amazing trip with my boyfriend in November 2018 and we had the best weekend away! I think Philadelphia is a great place for couples, families and friends to go and enjoy a history rich environment. Philly is definitely a walking city, so make sure you bring good shoes. And definitely research your hotel and its location thoroughly because while it’s a great city, it also has a significant amount of crime and unfortunately homeless people. We stayed at an amazing hotel, the Best Western Plus about a 3-minute walk from the Philadelphia Convention Center, so perfect if you are in town for basketball, or hockey! This was good as well because it provided direct access to the main downtown core.

IMG_3159 (1).JPG

The first place you need to hit downtown is Reading Terminal Market, with hundreds of vendors this indoor market is the perfect tourist stop full from floor to ceiling with food, gifts, trinkets, and so much more! The market was such an amazing place to walk around and feel like a local. They have amazing food and great desserts to try or bring home for later. It was really neat.


We went to a few memorable restaurants, the first was Field House which is right by the convention center and literally a 2 minute walk from the market. Jay and I went specifically to Philly to watch an Eagles game, but if you can’t get tickets or just would rather watch in a bar this is the best place for drinks and snacks! The food was amazing and the staff was super friendly. (Bonus, it wasn’t that pricey either)

IMG_3155 (1).JPG

We went to my favourite restaurant the Cheesecake Factory, which is literally a must for any trip you take to the states. They have hundreds of menu items and amazing fresh and decadent cheesecake flavours, you will not be disappointed. The one in Philly is a little ways away from downtown, but if you’re ok to walk, you would totally love to see the amazing architecture and work up an appetite for dinner, located on the second floor, this restaurant gave a gorgeous view of all the lights at night, very romantic. (A bit pricey, like you’ll be paying at least $100 Canadian for two people. Save this for a special night or occasion.)

Before the Eagles game Jay and I went to this little place called Burger FI. It was amazing! It was great for something before the game and we were able to walk to it within a few minutes from out hotel. Fresh, organic beef with unique and delicious toppings. You could also get beer and they had amazing flavours for soft drinks! A total win (Not that pricey at all, fast food that tasted great.)

IMG_3192 (1).JPG

I really love the history and culture of the city. We went to the liberty bell – a must! And looked at where a bunch of men signed the Declaration of Independence. Now that was pretty cool. Right behind the Independence hall they have some interesting statues and a park with the tom of the unknown soldiers. Take the time to walk around this area and experience the culture. While you’ll see people walking to work, you’ll also notice the foundational message American was born upon. I’ve always liked just wondering around and looking at history and Philly is a great place to experience that. You should definitely add it to your bucket list!

IMG_3105 (1).JPG

The Eagles game was probably the highlight of the trip for sure. We went to Sunday night football and when you are walking up to the stadium you can feel so much energy and excitement from the crowd. There is nothing like a U.S. sports event, from the music to the food, the atmosphere is unlike any other. The people were mostly rather personable, and Jay and I had a really great time in the stands watching the game. We bought the tickets back in June and didn’t take the trip until November, so it was a really great build up. I have never experienced anything like it.


Walking around city hall was really just so beautiful. The buildings are rich with history and just look stunning. The city had an ice rink set up and a cute garden with twinkle lights – a great place for an evening hot chocolate.

Don’t hesitate to travel to Philly, it’s an amazing city. I know we will be back soon.

Fly Eagles Fly.

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