About Adrianna Woodburn

Adrianna Woodburn is a 23 year old Guelph native. She is a University of Guelph alumni and is attending Wilfrid Laurier University for her Masters degree this coming September in English Lit. She hopes to complete her MA and pursue her dream to become a professor and never leave a university campus! She has always had a passion for writing and literature, and has written over the years for The Guelph Mercury and other blogs respectfully.

She is an avid reader and journals every day. She loves essential oils and her dog Chester. Adrianna’s favourite season is fall and loves to spend her free time relaxing with a good cup of tea. People often describe her as outgoing, reliable, having a strong ideal work ethic, down to earth attitude, and that she is determined to achieve daily and long term goals.

Her main topic focuses include but are not limited to, Beauty, Fashion, Health and Wellness and of course, Body Positivitity. Adrianna has always strived to be an honest and compassionate person and this will be reflected in her posts. She hopes to continue to share her passions with you on this new and exciting journey filled with all the ups and downs.

And if that’s not enough follow her on social media: Twitter  and Instagram

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